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The King’s Fund Latest NHS Report

Can Involve Health be the answer to some of the problems posed in The King’s Fund latest NHS report? The King’s Fund is an independent charity working to improve health and care in England. Through research and analysis, they regularly publish reports on the NHS which are intended to promote understanding of the health and…


The Involve AV School – NEC Guest Blog

In this issue of The Involve AV School, Jon Garaway, education account manager at NEC Display Solutions leaves no doubt as to the benefits of laser projection: By 2020, 74% of all >5,000 ANSI lumens installation projectors will be laser light source based.* The case behind this is compelling – laser offers reliability, consistent brightness,…


How to Successfully Collaborate with Video Conferencing

Any regular video users already acknowledge that video conferencing has been one of the most important technological advances for businesses in the 21st century. Collaboration couldn’t be easier, aided by a plethora of video conferencing solutions for companies of any size, so it astounds me how some businesses are still hesitant to adopt video conferencing….

All about the bass graphic

Are subwoofers really needed in video conferencing rooms?

THX define a sub woofer as: A low frequency speaker producing sound below 80Hz. The typical human hearing range is from 20hz (low frequency) up to 20,000hz (20Khz) high frequency. Most human speech resides in the 300hz to 3,000hz spectrum. Subwoofers; Sub woofers have been around for a long time, common in cinemas, clubs, touring…


A Before V for a Reason – The Importance of Audio Part 4

The Involve AV School Part 4 – The DSP one The last in our series of Audio Visual blogs, focusing on the importance of audio. After some basics on audio importance, over USB and within the Huddle Space, we’ll sum up and almost tie into, what is probably the most important piece of the AV…