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Multidisciplinary team meetings with Vidyo

Today, more than ever, there is broad recognition that the future of healthcare is extending beyond a hospital’s four walls… The challenge is getting this right!

Let’s take Multidisciplinary team meetings (MDTs) for example. These are now a staple diet of providing modern day care to patients across the world. Discussing specialist case-loads using electronic patient records (EPR’s), viewing and sharing high resolution clinical images and collaborating with clinical consultants across a plethora of medical specialties are taking place every second of every minute of every day. The virtualisation of these sessions using Video Conferencing has been around for over 10 years but with a far more mobile and geographically dispersed workforce, the technology required to power these is becoming more and more important to their success.

Specialist consultants from different hospitals sharing information and reviewing patient’s individual cases within state of the art MDT suites in this way not only saves time. Now the patient benefits from a wider expertise and knowledge transfer between clinicians as well as key win – Faster diagnosis.

With over 25 years of experience, Involve have been helping to lead the way in the design, implementation and support of visual collaboration solutions and more recently have played a key part in the growth of Telemedicine services within the UK. MDT’s have played a big part in this growth and recently partnering with Vidyo we are proud to have deployed both large scale infrastructure and MDT meeting room deployments both within the NHS and the private Healthcare sector.

What helps Vidyo in this space is not only the experience the technology provides but also the way it provides it. Let’s be honest here – When it comes to making critical health decisions, “good enough” video is simply not good enough! By using its Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and Adaptive Video Layering™ (AVL) Vidyo provides superior error resiliency whilst dynamically optimizing the video quality for each “live” endpoint.

By delivering the most reliable, high quality collaborative experience which can be completely embedded into any number of clinical applications, workflows or endpoints, Vidyo can be consumed by any device, whether a room system, PC/laptop, tablet or smart phone – providing high quality video delivered directly to the user in seconds.

So what will the MDT of tomorrow really look like? Well it is here today. And I for one think Vidyo has “got it right”!

Mick Roach
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