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6 tips for Creating the Perfect Video Conferencing Room

1. Consider what the space is being used for Not every meeting space is created equal. There are a variety of video conferencing rooms, which cater to different sizes and budgets. Less can be more: although immersive rooms with 3 screens may look swanky, they won’t be as effective for small meetings of less than…


Looking to 2022: Changes UC&C Can Expect in the Next Five Years

As businesses strive to connect mobile and geographically dispersed workforces, they increasingly invest in communication technology. Over the next five years, the Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) space will continue to form the workplace of the future. According to industry predictions, the market will reach a valuation of $62 billion in the next three years….

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Download The Involve AV School Whitepaper

The Involve AV School Whitepaper takes a detailed look into the importance of audio, and tells you all you need to know about audio in meeting spaces in 4 to the point parts. Click here to request to download the whitepaper Contents: The one covering the basic principles The one all about USB audio The huddle…

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5 Reasons to Skip Currys when Buying Displays

When you need displays for your workplace, it may seem like a quick trip to Currys or Tesco can save your team time and money. In the long run though, you may face significant repair and replacement costs. Here are 5 reasons to choose commercial displays instead of consumer ones: GOING THE DISTANCE When it…


The King’s Fund Latest NHS Report

Can Involve Health be the answer to some of the problems posed in The King’s Fund latest NHS report? The King’s Fund is an independent charity working to improve health and care in England. Through research and analysis, they regularly publish reports on the NHS which are intended to promote understanding of the health and…