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Involve Announces Professional Systems Network International Membership

Extending our capabilities with a best in class International Network of Partners Involve are extremely proud to announce our membership of the Professional Systems Network International (PSNI). Involve Sales Director, Jason Ward comments “from our first meeting to discuss PSNI with John at ISE 2017, we knew that this was a perfect fit. We are…


A Before V for a Reason – The Importance of Audio Part 1

The Involve AV School Part 1 – The one covering the basic principles We will be focusing on the importance of ‘A’ in AV in this 4 part blog, and why it shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated when it comes to budget planning. Plus, we’ll give some examples of how to do it (or how…


The Involve AV School – Digital Signage in Education

What do schools, colleges and universities want when it comes to digital signage? It is our understanding that schools, colleges and universities look for ease of use and affordability in digital signage. Affordability is certainly high priority for educational institutions in most contexts. The highest priority, in our findings, is a system that an internal…


Is Anywhere Working the Workplace of the Future?

Over the years, working from home has evolved into anywhere working. The difference? Anywhere working is what it says on the tin. You can work from anywhere: your bedroom, a coffee shop, on the train, or even your local pub if that’s your thing*. The main reason for the rise in popularity of anywhere working…

Cyber attack on laptop

Information Security Statement

We’re sure that most of you are aware of the cyber-attack that affected the NHS on Friday. The attack has been reported in 150 countries around the world and affected over 230,000 machines world-wide. NHS Digital have reported that no patient data has been compromised in the attack, and Involve and our NHS partners have…