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NEC stands for product quality and design perfection with a reputation for reliability and an enviable pan-European support infrastructure to back it up. Installing an NEC display means you can trust in our equipment and our company culture.

Designed for long term operation, NEC displays and projectors incorporate innovative designs, high quality panels and components and go through demanding quality assurance levels; displays ready for the most demanding mission critical applications, out of the box.

The widest portfolio of display solutions 
Today NEC boasts a comprehensive range of Desktop Displays, Large Format Displays and Projectors, with a model for almost any application from the largest venues or public places to offices and smaller classrooms. NEC is one of the world’s largest IT Companies, with the display division operating 14 local sales and support offices across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Welcoming reception signage presents a professional image. Used to inform, direct and entertain, content can be instantly updated, assisting global organisations in maintaining a consistent corporate identity when presenting itself to clients and reaching out to staff.

New remote conferencing, collaboration and room management tools help to maximise meeting room spaces, increasing productivity to assist corporations in maintaining a competitive edge. Large format touch screens and interactive projection solutions can be centrally controlled reducing the pressure on resource-stretched IT departments. Businesses are required to reduce their carbon footprint and features such as low power LED backlighting and user presence detection for auto-shutdown significantly reduce the overall power consumption of displays in offices.



Educators recognise that motivating students requires a radical change in approach with a greater focus on active group learning rather than a teacher-led approach. In this resource-stretched sector, specifiers of equipment inNEC 652-TM schools and colleges are looking to achieve greater efficiencies and reduced costs through robust, future-proofed solutions.

There is no substitute for good teaching and engaging subject matter but interactive displays, such as touch screens and interactive projection, can greatly enhance the delivery of content.  These tools help to improve participation and concentration levels by making learning fun, whilst giving more freedom to teachers to be as creative and engaging as possible. Collaborative software such as NEC’s DisplayNote complements the use of tablets, enabling all connected devices to share their screen and annotations, giving ownership to every member of the class to stimulate engagement.

Linking campuses through digital signage networks to deliver up to date news and notifications helps to unify the student population and attract high-calibre students to the university.


Natural competition between retailers has led to ever more elaborate and large scale projects in order to get their screens noticed and enjoy the significant benefits to be gained through attracting, directing and focusing the revenue-generating potential of consumers.

Digital display assets are crucial to achieving a cohesive cross-channel communications strategy, bridging the gap between e-commerce and in-store data driven marketing campaigns. Facilitating the gathering of data for content targeting, interaction and audience measurement, NEC’s leafengine supports intelligent ‘context aware’ digital signage solutions.

Enhancing the shopping experience with a more personalised, ‘joined-up’ journey leads to increased brand loyalty and sales uplift. Interactive technology allows owners to measure ROI; understanding how consumers interact with the technology allows the retailer to evolve content to maximise the ROI for a truly adaptable solution.


Command & ControlNEC_4KUHD_ControlRoom_3840x2160_4KLNECL (1)
There is no room for compromise in a Command & Control environment where reliability and performance are vital and potentially life-saving. Dedicated control room software, CCTV integration, ergonomic desking solutions and high resolution visual displays put the operator at the centre of operations with full, easy access to critical data for blue light, security, telecoms, defence, data centre, transport, utility and manufacturing applications.  Intuitive software-based control using NEC Hiperwall enables precise manipulation of video wall resources whilst touch enabled displays and visual collaboration allow interactivity with remote teams for immediate response to incidents.

4K Ultra High Definition displays and projectors offer four times the pixel count of Full High Definition resolution (FHD) displays delivering a crisper, sharper image for incredible clarity and richness of detail. For business critical processes, 4K Ultra-HD resolution displays play a key role in the management and visualisation of ‘Big Data’.


Medical Videoconf X841UXD_small

Digital technology and display systems are widely used in many areas within the healthcare environment, not just in clinical diagnosis and treatment but in general information display and entertainment.

Facilitating effective communication with staff and patients, digital signage delivers instantly updatable information helping to improve the patient experience. Check-in screens and interactive touch screens help patients and visitors to navigate around the hospital.  Advertising and franchising opportunities using the hospital-wide network of displays presents a much needed additional revenue streams.

Surgeons, radiographers and other medical experts are reliant upon displays of all types to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.  It is crucial that displays used in life-critical situations are of the highest quality and calibrated correctly in order to ensure that full and sufficient detail is provided.


With ever increasing national and international travel, operators are investing in new technology to achieve the level of customer service needed to remain competitive. Digital signage solutions assist in ensuring that passengers arrive at their gate / platform on time which is of paramount importance in the provision of an efficient operation. In addition, these prominently placed screens deliver a range of services such as passenger information, ticketing services and advertising – a vital source of additional revenue where profit margins are hard to generate due to regulations in both security and funding.

Larger screens, video walls and LED displays enable a large crowd to view content at a distance. Its a challenging environment requiring 24/7/365 operation in often harsh conditions and difficult to access locations so high reliability and low maintance is crucial.



Authentic colour reproduction is vital in the print and design sector where accurate soft proofing techniques help to reduce cost and increase efficiencies; the colour you see on screen must accurately match what you see on the shelf or in print.

The creative industry is an early adopter of new 4K Ultra-HD resolutions, displaying four times more data compared to Full-HD, the Ultra-HD resolution presents an unprecedented level of detail alongside precise colour consistency.


The use of digital menu boards to provide instant messaging on menu choices and special promotions, updated instantly according to the time of day to suit customer expectation can greatly support restaurant staff in providing excellence in customer experience.

A punishing environment for any electronic equipment; environmental factors such as grease, dust and airborne particles are a key concern in addition to extreme temperatures.   Furthermore, in a typical restaurant installation, the displays are often expected to operate continuously for 15 to 24 hours per day. Menu board failure can result in significant loss of business so robust and reliable displays are crucial with thermal management and protective housings a major consideration.



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