For 25 years Involve have been a leading UK expert in the design, implementation and support of manufacturer-neutral visual collaboration solutions into the UK Corporate sectors.


A rapidly developing field of virtualised care delivery. Using HD visual collaboration technologies, the sharing of healthcare knowledge as well as a multitude of clinical care services can now be delivered securely and safely using both our own premise and hosted service platforms.

Public Sector

Involve has extensive experience in the delivery of a wide range of Visual Collaboration solutions to customers from all aspects of public sector.


Whatever your requirement, Involve have the expertise to deliver and support your business.

Effective, accurate communication is essential to the sharing and management of high volumes of commercial information. It enables your business to make better decisions, answer questions more efficiently, and provide greater service variety.

Connecting remote parts of your organisation creates a more cohesive entity. Training can be extended without additional cost, expertise can be pooled to drive innovation, and service made more consistent. In a nutshell, you stand to gain greater competitive differentiation and customer satisfaction.