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Finding an available room for a meeting or a desk for mobile working has never been so easy with Involve’s workplace solutions, which give you a total digital workplace.

With room booking systems you can book a room for your meeting well in advance, or even an ad hoc booking. The room booking systems conveniently display a room’s meeting information and occupancy status on a standard touch panel. This can also seamlessly check diaries and quickly puts the right people together at the right time, whether they are office-based or hot desking. Being browser-based, all this can be accessed and controlled from potentially anywhere in the world.

Our workplace solutions help businesses make the most of their available meeting and work spaces, by giving an elegant management solution, allowing you to easily book rooms or desks, use video conferencing rooms to their full potential and get real-time reports on bookings and room effectiveness.

  • More effective use of existing rooms
  • Book hotdesks to give your business flexibility
  • Can be booked ad hoc or in advance, using a booking portal or Outlook
  • Can analyse existing use for optimum effect
  • Simple to use

Chris Smith says: “The cost per square meter of office space especially in our capital cities is so expensive that we really need to utilise this space effectively, and we need to fully understand how this space is currently used and more importantly how it could be used to reach its full potential.  Room booking systems can provide you with data which gives an overview of who uses and how the individual rooms in your space are currently being used and how they could be used to maximum effect”

Our head of news instructed me to look into a solution and that led me to Involve. Initially we were only looking at kitting out a single room, but the solution fitted our needs so well that we decided to go for two rooms. – Ian Glen, ITV

Working with industry leading partners, we ensure that your solution is best in class

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