The Importance of Interoperability

9 Mar 2016 | Audio Visual Collaboration, Cloud Services, Interactive Technology, Networks

Having been a servant of the Video Communications industry for nearly 20 years, I am passionate about what a well delivered visual communications platform can deliver in terms of end user benefits.  Typically in order to realise real end user (and business) benefits, long serving Video Communication Professionals would hold firm on the importance of Interoperability.

“What if your users want to connect with their customers, or supply chain?”

From the days of H.320 ISDN dialling right up to date with SIP and Web RTC internet communications we still hold on to that importance.  But, why?

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We live in disruptive times, and disruptive times need disruptive technologies? Right or Wrong? In my view, both. In recent years, possibly the most impressive technology platform has to be Vidyo, delivering the best possible performance, using the least resource across the greatest number of devices and platforms.  But, let’s move the technology to one side…

Connecting your user to supply chain or customer does not need to be complicated.  These disruptive times we live in do not need too many more disruptive technologies, right?  It’s all too confusing and probably causing purchasing managers to defer decisions on their next deployment.  We need to address the culture and user adoption…

If your users need to connect to their customer or supply chain, do not ask about interop as the possibilities can be infinite and you are bound to miss one!?  Why not ask and test guest invite and plug ins?  Why not assign every Power User their own Virtual Meeting Space?  One that can connect users from Legacy Room Systems, telephone, any device and no device.  Here at Involve all Power Users have a Virtual Meeting Space and all meetings are booked by that meeting space and users can decide based on the invite (delivered from a plug in provided by Involve) users can decide how they are able to and prefer to connect.  And, there is always Web RTC / VidyoWeb, connecting from many browsers and devices …

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Final thought, if the deployment and management of this technology is too much of a burden for your business, talk to us.  We have a range of hosting and managed services to suit all user profiles and budgets. Click here.