UHD / 4K Displays … Why / How?

1 Jul 2015 | Digital Signage, Interactive Technology, Video Wall

4K / UHD purchasing is often reserved for specialist applications and their mission-critical nature and character needed for decision-making.  Often handling huge quantities of data these applications are formidably demanding, not only in terms of data but pixel-free viewing and highest image quality.


The 4K digital cinema industry has long adopted the native resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels.  The LCD industry has optimised itself on the 16:9 aspect ratio and has taken the original 4K resolution and re-established itself at 3840 x 2160.  This 16:9 resolution format has been re-named Ultra High Definition (UHD)


Specialised Applications

Users often identify the UHD need with available content, specifically for applications such as Control Room, Specialist Scientific Industries, CAD / BIM, Simulation, Digital Cinema, Rental & Staging & VideoConferencing.

Of course Involve can deliver UHD solutions for all available applications as detailed above and we are currently trialling several BIM solutions right now.  Call us for more information 0845 805 3455.

4K Videoconferencing?  “that’s next generation VC right?”  No!  Involve and Vidyo can deliver a working 4K desktop and room system service, now!

It’s all about the connectivity…

As an Enterprise Partner of NEC Display Solutions, Involve are delivering best-in-class design solutions on a daily basis, into all kinds of applications …

  • VideoConferencing                                                                                1
  • Wayfinding / Digital Signage
  • MDT
  • Conference Room
  • Meeting Room
  • Huddle Space
  • Interactive

Did you know NEC UHD displays can handle up to 7 sources?  No other manufacturer offers this kind of flexibility.


The Involve Solutions Architect team are now creating designs that might take a single UHD display and are displaying multiple sources up onto one screen…

Picture-in-Picture (PiP)                                        Split Screen







This new approach to display design helps to deliver all new applications in a more cost-effective / efficient way…

  • Dual Screen Video Conference
  • Video Wall
  • Control Centre
  • MDT

A whole new consideration when looking at UHD Displays, and once installed; you are (of course) future proofed too!

Contact us for more information sales@involve.vc / 0845 805 3455

Credit:  NEC Display Solutions / Richard Hutchinson.