My View on Barco’s NRC 200

10 Jan 2016 | Audio Visual Collaboration, Video Wall

Taming the Wild West of collaboration
Having the ability to easily display up to eight sources on a screen initially seems like a great idea, but can quickly become a free for all – step in Barco’s newest collaboration tool the NRC 200.

In today’s world information is held on a vast range of devices. Gone is the time when one VGA cable is all you require. Laptops alone come with a number of connections to run displays like VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort and lightning connectors. Then there are tablets, phones and desktops. One of an installer’s biggest challenges is just what to do with all the different signal types let alone what to do with all those cables.

So what do you do with all those cables?
Using a presentation system like the Barco NRC 200 and its sister product the Clickshare eliminates the problem of having many different format standards. The devices either connect to the presentation system wirelessly using built in wireless or airplay in the case of iOS devices, or across a network using a simple Cat5 cable. The NRC 200 can then arrange and display your information in a layout that best works for you to up to two 4K displays. These are driven with just a pair of HDMI cables, so no more having to hide coils of cables behind screens and say goodbye to bulging conduit.

All in moderation
Using a windows PC or Tablet, a moderator can control the meeting, approving the content and arranging how it will appear on the display. This gives a chairperson or presenter far more control then using just a Clickshare unit alone, meaning that the main information and content will be clear for all participants helping to keep meetings and presentation on track and to the point.

The big picture
The NRC is looking like a great solution to bring together laptops, desktops, phones and tablets. Even ip cameras and visualizers can be incorporated into a meeting without the need for large matrix switchers and complicated control systems. As I said in the introduction to this piece, the kit can handle up to eight sources in/out to a maximum of two displays; that covers a lot of the installs that we are asked to provide. From boardrooms to meeting rooms, lecture theatres to hospital theatres, the Barco NRC 200 could prove to be a very useful bit of kit in an AV installer’s arsenal.