Digital Signage

Digital signage cannot be underestimated as a tool to create memorable customer experiences, the upcoming technical generation will expect content delivery in a digital format to be the norm. The success of digital signage is judged immediately by engagement; the more dramatic, the more eye-catching, the more effective the installation will be.

Why digital signage with Involve?

  • Communicate your brand message
  • Create positive customer experiences
  • Potentially increase sales
  • Our vendor neutral approach allows us to select the right solution for you
  • Our solutions come in all shapes and sizes, for all budgets

Adrian recommends: “Utilise digital signage for cross-platform communication. Involve can build the traditional network-based signage networks that you would expect, whilst also offering the ability to target the mobile generation. Our LC-tech software platform provides mobile integration, allowing delivery of clients’ offers and marketing message direct to the customer’s mobile devices.”

You need to ask yourself and your organisation “what it is you are looking to achieve?” is it simple, self-contained internal mar-comms? Is it a full corporate strategic messaging service?  Or, are you working B2C looking to deliver an omni-channel experience? – Adrian Livsey, Director of Innovation

Working with industry leading partners, we ensure that your solution is best in class

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