New 3D technology;

improve footfall, increase sales!


A new generation LED-based device that produces exceptional 3D holographic visuals to convert passive audiences into real buyers.

HYPERVSN is a complete, integrated system that allows to create, manage and display 3D visuals that are perceived as holograms floating in the mid-air. It uniquely combines the revolutionary HYPERVSN Device with the scalability of the Pro Management Software and the wow-factor of impressive 3D holographic content.

  • Unique and original
  • Cost-effective
  • Secure & reliable
  • All-in-one, scalable solution
  • Visually impressive

3D Content Creation Tool
To help you make the striking first impression, we’re bringing to you our proprietary software that allows creation of 3D visuals out of basic 2D images in a few clicks, plus a set of software tools to seamlessly manage the HYPERVSN device and the stunning 3D content on it.

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Working with industry leading partners, we ensure that your solution is best in class

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