Polycom believes in the power of bringing people together, regardless of location, to create better collaboration experiences and change the way people work. As the leader in unified communications and collaboration, we have been pioneering breakthrough communication experiences for nearly 20 years. Find out why more than 415,000 organizations around the globe, and across all industries, rely on Polycom voice, video and telepresence solutions as the backbone for collaboration.

We live in a mobile, social, global world and it shows in the way business gets done. The 24 x 7 nature of business means workers are adapting to a new business reality. Business hours are less constrained and arguably run around the clock. Distributed workforces have become a standard protocol for competing in today’s economic environment. Business happens beyond the walls of your organization. You interact regularly with customers, suppliers and partners. Workers are increasingly on the go and embracing the flexibility of mobile communications to balance the demands of the office in the most efficient and productive way possible.

What does this all mean? It means collaboration is as critical to business as it has ever been. Companies that provide the best collaboration capabilities, suitable for conducting business with anyone, anywhere, will stand out among the others and gain a competitive advantage.  The ubiquity and popularity of video, combined with the undeniable benefits of face-to-face collaboration, make video collaboration a natural investment for your communications strategy.

Building Face-to-Face Collaboration
Can you still have face-to-face collaboration without forcing people into the office? At Polycom, we believe the answer is an emphatic YES. Our video conferencing solutions help thousands of companies get business done faster no matter where their people are.

The Benefits of Video Collaboration
Video conferencing is evolving rapidly—how it’s used, where it’s used, by whom and for what—and its use as an enterprise productivity tool is also growing rapidly. Survey results from almost 5,000 enterprise video end-users around the world reveal notable insights into the business benefits of video conferencing, deployment trends, use cases, adoption and insights for future growth.

Polycom RealPresence Debut is an enterprise grade video conferencing solution made simple, elegant, and affordable for huddle rooms and smaller spaces. It also delivers cost-effective
collaboration for smaller organizations that are ready to move up from consumer-grade alternatives, which are great for chatting with friends but don’t get the job done at work.

Spaces and organizations of all sizes need enterprise-quality tools to keep up in today’s increasingly competitive global market. RealPresence Debut delivers video collaboration that is sharp, rich and reliable, with full 1080p HD quality you can count on. Polycom’s exclusive Lost Packet Recovery technology keeps your meetings clear and on track, even through tough network conditions.

realpresence-trio-tb-com-650x500-enusPolycom RealPresence Trio 8800 delivers the best ever audio experience from the huddle room to the boardroom – making every conversation, every spoken word just that much clearer. Not
only does RealPresence Trio break through the sound barrier by providing the most amazing sound quality, but it also redefines the category by serving as the smart hub for your group collaboration and bringing easy-to-use,
no-compromise visual collaboration to spaces
that were previously cost prohibitive.

Polycom RealPresence Trio is the only modular smart hub in the market today and your expectations of group collaboration will be forever changed. Modular in design and priced right for mass deployment, RealPresence Trio is perfect for any size group.

RealPresence Centro changes the way we meet and collaborate so that the technology is no longer a distraction to engagement and interaction, but a seamless, empowering experience that defies distance. We believe it’s time technology fades into the background, and not our teammates on the screen.

Designed for small groups and classrooms, RealPresence Centro embraces natural human instincts and advanced technology to draw people together into a powerful, collaborative circle, giving everyone equality of contribution regardless of where they are located. It serves as a collaboration and content sharing hub.


Polycom RealPresence Medialign: Organizations need more agile and effective teams. The desire to meet quickly with teammates near and far, share ideas, and collaborate on critical projects has fueled the demand for visual collaboration. To meet this growing demand, organizations seek turnkey solutions that can be easily and consistently deployed without costly room remediation. Polycom RealPresence Medialign solutions deliver the industry’s best video collaboration with an innovative, modern design that deploys anywhere in minutes.  Every detail has been addressed to ensure your teams can focus
completely on effective collaboration.

Real presence group series


Polycom RealPresence Group Series

Polycom RealPresence Group Series is the engine that drives enterprise-grade video, voice and collaboration experiences. Polycom delivers video collaboration experiences that bring users closer together


Video Solutions for Microsoft Lync

Video Solutions for Microsoft Lync

Polycom offers the broadest portfolio of video solutions that are standards-based and work natively with Microsoft® Lync®. Designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Lync to be intuitive and familiar for the user. Users will be productive on day one

Real presence desktop

RealPresence Desktop

Polycom RealPresence Desktop for Windows and Apple® Mac OS X is a powerful, enterprise-grade collaboration app that extends video communications beyond the typical conference room setting to mobile professionals. RealPresence Desktop combines quality, power and ease-of-use with industry-leading interoperability, and security that is both cost effective, and highly scalable

                                                                                                                                                 Real presence Mobile

RealPresence Mobile

Polycom RealPresence Mobile extends video communications beyond the typical conference room to tablets and smartphones. When powered by the RealPresence Platform, customers benefit from app provisioning, redundancy, resiliency and reliability necessary for high-scale mobile deployments

voice conferencing


Voice Conferencing

Polycom enterprise-grade telephones are easy to use, work with your existing communication environment, and are so high-fidelity it sounds like you are in the same room. From the boardroom, to the desktop, or anywhere in-between, Polycom voice solutions keep you connected and productive

                                                                                                                                                                       desktop IP solutions

Desktop IP Solutions

Today’s desk phone sounds dramatically better than your mobile phone. Video and applications can be accessed with the swipe of a finger. Polycom desktop solutions bring lifelike voice, video and application communications to every user

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