Video Wall

A large format video wall will achieve display, brightness and resolution that other traditional types of display cannot maintain via technology, space or cost.

Traditionally supplied as a combination of Large Format Displays (LFD) carefully designed to deliver any size shape and combination or a LED wall, the Involve designers and installation teams are fully trained for the delivery of both.

  • Stunning high definition content delivers high impact adverts
  • Engage customers with visually pleasing displays
  • New breed of modular technology has much to offer and represents great value for money
  • Better, faster control processors allow ultra-high definition display to become a reality

Adrian says: “All major LCD large format display panel manufacturers now have video wall solutions available, each claiming to be the best.

Our full design and installation service, combined with our vendor neutral approach allows us to choose the video wall that’s right for you”


It’s important to understand when to use pitched LED and when to use Large format Displays. There are some pretty straight forward “rules of thumb”. You need to get the experts in as early as possible to make sure the right decision is made and implemented. – Adrian Livsey, Director of Innovation

Working with industry leading partners, we ensure that your solution is best in class

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