Schedule of Services

As part of the Involve Assist service, the below features are included:

1. Telephone Support
Telephone support provides the customer with access to the Involve Assist service desk via a national rate telephone number within working hours. Upon receipt of a telephone call a support ticket will be opened and a reference number will be provided to the customer verbally and via email. All communication will then be tracked through the ticket reference number by a dedicated member of the Involve Assist service desk team.
2. Email Support
Email support provides the customer with access to the Involve Assist service desk via an email address within working hours. Upon receipt of an email a support ticket will automatically be opened, and a reference number will be provided to the customer via email. All communication will then be tracked through the ticket reference number by a dedicated member of the Involve Assist service desk team.
3. Video Support
Video support provides the customer with access to the Involve Assist service desk via a Video Conference session within working hours. This allows for a face to face conversation and the ability for our Involve Assist service desk to view and manage the issue whilst on the call. For each video support call a support ticket will be opened, and a reference number will be provided to the customer verbally and via email. All communication will then be tracked through the ticket reference number by a dedicated member of the Involve Assist service desk team.
4. Complete Equipment Replacement
Involve assist provides you with complete cover for your equipment in your installed solution. If and when a fault is diagnosed and cannot be resolved replacement equipment will be provided and installed to restore a working solution.
5. Full Equipment and Labour Cover
All equipment and labour costs are included within your Involve Assist contract (excluding exceptions).
6. Comprehensive On-Site
The Involve Assist contract provides a next business day on-site engineer where a fault or issue cannot be rectified via email, telephone or video. An engineer will be sent to site on the next business day when a fault is diagnosed before 1pm on the previous business day and the room or site is confirmed available. Where the room is not available the next available date will be confirmed.

7. Preventative Maintenance Visit

Involve Assist provides the customer with one preventative maintenance visit (PMV) during each year of the contract term. A PMV is designed to keep the system running as it should and for Involve to identify and resolve any potential faults or issues. The PMV consists of the following where applicable:
• A full system/source test
• Calibration of touch panel(s)
• Check racks and floor box connections
• Test and clean source devices (DVD etc)
• Firmware updates- where applicable
• Image alignment calibration where required
• Serial number/asset tagging confirmation (where accessible)
• Equipment usage recorded where applicable
• Recorded results
• All from our highly skilled team of SC cleared engineers

The results of the PMV will be sent to the customer following the completion. Where any faults or issues have been identified they will be rectified during the PMV or a follow up on-site visit will be arranged. This will not incur any additional charge

8. Service Review Meetings

During the term of the Involve Assist Contract, Involve will conduct a Service Review meeting with the key Customer stakeholders and the Involve Account Manager. The meeting will be conducted by an Involve Service Delivery manager on a quarterly basis unless otherwise agreed. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the following:
• Summary of Closed tickets
• Open tickets and their potential resolution
• Service recommendations from Involve based on ticket trends
• Feedback from the customer
• Any Other Business

A summary report will be sent out to the Key Customer Stakeholders following the meeting and will document any follow up actions. The meeting will be conducted over video unless otherwise agreed.

The Warranty only option includes email support as standard. All the above options are available at an addition charge.

Conditions of Involve Assist
  1. Interpretation

1.1. In these Conditions, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:
Agreement – The provision of Involve Assist services for the duration of the agreement term.
Equipment – Equipment is defined as the hardware installed or provided at the customer site. All items covered will have been made available at the quotation stage and can be provided on request.
Customer – The customer is defined as the purchaser of Involve Assist services outlined in the agreement.
Fee – The amount payable to Involve for the provision of Involve Assist for the specified term in the sales quotation.
Involve – means Involve Visual Collaboration Limited (Company Number: 2383157) a company registered in England and Wales whose registered office is at Martin Dawes House, Europa Boulevard, Westbrook, Warrington, WA5 7WH;
Agreement Commencement Date – The first day of the agreement term.
Agreement Term – The duration of the agreement.
Working Hours – means 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday inclusive (excluding bank and public holidays in England).
Response Time – Where possible faults will be handled by the Involve Assist team via phone or email with. Unless otherwise agreed the response time for Involve Assist services are next business day for an engineer to be onsite when the fault is reported by 1p.m the previous business day.
Site – The physical address of the equipment where Involve Assist services will be provided

2. Involve Assist services
These terms apply only if the customer has purchased an agreement in respect of the equipment.
2.1. Involve shall provide Involve Assist services with reasonable care and skill.

2.2. Unless otherwise agreed, Involve shall provide during each agreement term one preventative maintenance visit on or around the 6 month anniversary of the agreement commencement date during working hours and on such date(s) as the parties agree. During such visit Involve shall:

2.2.1. Carry out routine inspection and testing of the equipment in accordance with Involve’s recommendations; and

2.2.2. Carry out such repairs, replacement of parts, cleaning, lubrication or adjustment as Involve shall believe to be necessary in respect of any equipment.

2.3. Where during an agreement term the customer experiences a fault or malfunction with the equipment, the customer shall notify Involve. Where possible, the customer shall attempt to rectify the fault or malfunction by discussing the problem on the telephone with one of Involve’s engineers and following his/her instructions. Where this is not possible, Involve shall use reasonable endeavours to arrange for one of its engineers to arrive at the customer’s premises during working hours within the response time.

2.4. If Involve decides that equipment reported to be faulty cannot be repaired at the site, Involve shall be entitled to remove the equipment for repair. If the customer objects to the removal of the equipment, Involve shall not have any further obligation to provide maintenance services with respect to that equipment and shall cease to do so, but will use reasonable endeavours to provide Involve Assist Services for the remaining equipment. The customer shall not be entitled to a refund of any part of any fee payable in respect of the agreement term. Following expiry of the agreement term the customer shall not be entitled to a refund of any part of the fee for the then current agreement term, but the fee for subsequent agreement terms shall be repriced appropriately.

2.5. If Involve has to remove any equipment from the site, it will use reasonable endeavours to loan to the customer alternative equipment free of charge. Any such alternative equipment shall remain Involve’s property and shall be at the customer’s risk while it is at the site. The customer shall indemnify Involve in respect of any damage to, theft or loss of the alternative equipment and shall insure it for its full value in accordance with Condition 3.7.2 while it is at the site. When Involve has repaired and, where applicable, re-installed the previously faulty equipment or has informed the customer that the faulty equipment is not capable of repair, the customer shall cease using the loaned equipment and make it available at the site for collection by Involve.

2.6. In respect of any equipment for which Involve is providing Involve Assist Services under the agreement, Involve reserves the right to supply new, second-hand or reconditioned replacement parts. Any parts replaced by Involve as part of the agreement shall become Involve’s property as soon as they have been replaced.

3. Expectations

3.1. Unless otherwise agreed, Involve Assist shall not include support in respect of:

3.1.1. Third Party Software, any equipment used by the customer in conjunction with the equipment or accessories, attachments, or other devices not supplied to the customer by Involve under the agreement; or

3.1.2. the correction of any fault or defect which arises due to:

(a) the customer’s failure to maintain a suitable environment for the equipment in accordance with Involve’s specifications including, without limitation, failure to maintain a constant power supply, air conditioning or humidity control;
(b) the customer’s neglect or misuse of the equipment or the customer’s failure to operate the equipment in accordance with Involve’s or the manufacturer’s instructions or for the purpose for which the equipment was designed;
(c) any alteration, modification or maintenance of the equipment or its specification not approved by Involve or the manufacturer or made by any party other than Involve without Involve’s prior written approval;
(d) the transportation or relocation of the equipment save where the same has been performed by Involve or under Involve’s direction;
(e) the use of defective or inappropriate supplies with the equipment;
(f) accidental damage or normal wear and tear;
(g) the need for electrical work external to the equipment;
(h) any accident or disaster affecting the equipment including, without limitation fire, flood, water, wind, lightning, transportation, radiation in the environment, vandalism or burglary;
(i) the customer’s failure, inability or refusal to give Involve personnel proper access to the equipment or to permit Involve removing the equipment from the site for repair;
(j) the customer’s continued use of the equipment following notification to Involve of a fault or defect;
(k) upgrades to the equipment

3.2. At the customer’s request Involve may, but shall not have any obligation to, provide all or any of the services referred to in Condition 3.1, and charge for such services in accordance with Condition 3.3.

3.3. Where Involve provides any services referred to in Conditions 2.4, 2.5 or 3.1, Involve’s charges shall be based on its labour charges in force at the time such services are provided plus any expenses reasonably incurred by Involve in providing such services. Such additional charges shall be invoiced before the services are provided and shall be payable by the customer within 30 days of receipt of such invoice.

3.4. The Involve Assist Services, and the fee, do not include maintenance in respect of the following:

3.4.1. Equipment which in Involve’s opinion is beyond economical repair. Involve may in its discretion offer to supply replacement equipment at Involve’s prices from time to time;

3.4.2. Any software provided by others including third party software;

3.4.3. Cathode ray tubes; LCD panels; plasma display glass; lamps; screen material; changes to software.

4. Agreement Renewal

4.1. Not later than 30 days before the expiry of an agreement Involve shall notify the customer in writing of the fee payable for the next agreement renewal.

4.2 Where the agreement term has expired, the customer may terminate Involve Assist Services by not less than 14 days notice to Involve. If Involve has not received the fee on the first day of the renewal date to which it relates, Involve may terminate Involve Assist Services with immediate effect by notice in writing.

4.3 The fee shall not include the cost of any supplementary services referred to in Conditions 2.4, 2.5 or 3.1 for which Involve shall be entitled to charge in accordance with Condition 3.3.