The Royal College of Physicians Case Study

22 Jun 2020 | Case Study

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) have utilised the medio.link secure video conferencing platform to hold meetings with stakeholders from NHS sites.

The RCP, a leading health organisation which aims to improve patient care and prevent disease worldwide, represents 37,000 doctors globally and needed a reliable video platform after struggling to hold virtual meetings which were of a consistent quality.

Ben Pain, Head of Audio-visual, Technical and Media Services at RCP, describes the organisations issues before they implemented medio.link. “We were using a variety of video platforms at the RCP, but we struggled with delivering calls of a consistent quality with stakeholders, who were joining us from their places of work. This was largely because the majority of our stakeholders work within the NHS and the approach to video calling technology and network security differs at each trust.”

As a result of the issues with reliability, the RCP looked for a new video conferencing platform. “Our key requirement was interoperability,” says Ben. “We chose medio.link because we feel it provides the most reliable way for us to collaborate with our family of clinicians and medical professionals, regardless of the preferred technology within their local place of work.”

Royal College of Physicians

The medio.link Platform

medio.link is a secure, reliable video conferencing platform designed specifically for the NHS and healthcare. The service is the most secure video calling platform in UK healthcare, boasting HSCN/N3 compliance and 99.999% reliability.

“We have found medio.link easy to use, because it is well designed and integrates easily with Skype for Business,” says Ben. “It’s very popular with our staff because it’s so reliable.”

“Previously, connecting stakeholders from different NHS sites was arduous and often frustrating work, but medio.link saves us time. The reliability of medio means our stakeholders feel more confident contributing virtually, which means less time away from their place of work,” says Ben.

“The team at Involve have been very helpful and have been able to accommodate some much larger meetings than we would usually hold. We’ve had up to 60 doctors on one call using medio.link. Involve and medio.link are ideal for any organisation for who, interoperability and simple functionality is the priority. Whether it’s SIP, IP, Skype, WebRTC, telephone or even ISDN, we know medio.link can handle it.”