St Pauls Chambers Case Study

1 Aug 2019 | Case Study

St Pauls Chambers, well known for their expertise in criminal law, are a forward-thinking Barristers chambers who invest in new technologies that will benefit their clients. Due to the increase in popularity of using technology to collaborate within the workplace, the Chambers decided they needed a cost-effective solution which would provide the option of video conferencing for their business.   

Richard Wright, Chambers Administrator for St Paul’s Chambers, shares their experience of finding and implementing video technology. “We identified the need for video conferencing within our Chambers, to allow us to connect to prisons and courts via video. Rather than rushing into opting for a solution which may be unsuitable, we undertook a lot of research to find out what would be best for our business, taking into account its uniqueness in the market and the needs of our members.” 

Involve have extensive experience within the justice sector and have provided HMCTS with excellent support and technical expertise in developing video links from police custody suites to courts across England and Wales since 2006. This experience also includes providing support and maintenance for the Justice Video Systema network of highly secure video links between courts and prisons. The network connects 220 courts and 80 prisons and saves the Prison Service having to transport over 50,000 prisoners to court every year. 

“Our research led us to Involve, who quickly identified our needs and demonstrated to us several potential solutions which were tailored to our requirements, and after much consultation with the team at Involve we chose the one which we felt would best meet our objectives” continues Richard. 

Involve provided the Chambers with a cloud-based ISDN service, allowing them to securely connect to courts and prisons via video. Richard elaborates on the installation and the impact their new solution has had on the business. “The implementation was seamless, and the training provided by Involve was excellent. Furthermore, the concierge service Involve provides has been invaluable. 

“The software is easy to implement and use, and any teething problems we have had have been swiftly resolved by the excellent customer support and account management teams. The solution has exceeded our expectations and given us the huge benefit of bridging into the Prison and Court ISDservice, which is now proving to be an essential asset to the business. Alongside saving our members travel time and expenses, the technology has also allowed us to offer a better service to our solicitors and clients. 

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