Supporting our cloud customers with free training sessions

28 Apr 2020 | Cloud Services, Involve Training

When the COVID 19 Pandemic started, I became quickly aware that many of our “enquiries” were from users who may have had our services but only used them occasionally and suddenly needed to become super users.  This created an immediate need and one that I felt should be delivered as standard. Therefore, I presented the idea of a free training program consisting of a 30-minute session to demonstrate the use of our services and answer any queries. The program will be available to all our customers who need a little boost in adapting to the transition into a virtual workplace.

The Challenge

I was interested in moving a step further from Customer Experience more towards User Experience, I wanted Involve to be capable of supporting every user of Involve Cloud, but in an intuitive yet friendly and personal manner. By allowing customers to book their 30-minute session with a REAL human, Involve can assist their customers in building key virtual skills, including setting up and managing their virtual meetings. This session will provide a good opportunity for customers to watch a demonstration and have their queries answered instantly, all from the comfort of their own home.

Support from Involve

Having presented the idea to my line managers, the idea was very well received, tested and is now ready to go. Clients can book their free 30-minute sessions from the booking portal, at least 12 hours prior to their desired time.

My Promise to You

  • A bespoke Q&A or FAQ type session helping you to get the most out of our services.
  • A demonstration of key aspects of our Involve Cloud service
  • Your questions and concerns acknowledged, and addressed appropriately
  • A friendly and informative session, delivered by a real human (not bot!)

To book your training session, please click here.