Microsoft Teams Interoperability by medio.link

19 Aug 2020 | Cloud Services

2020 has brought the need for new ways of working, and Microsoft Teams has swept through the NHS, providing a platform for Trusts to hold their meetings virtually. The adoption of collaboration technology has been a steep learning curve for all, but one that overall seems to have been adopted more than most other technologies in the past. As organisations now try to use this platform with dispersed teams spread across remote locations and the meeting spaces in Trusts and CCG’s, it has highlighted an issue and left these users with a dilemma.

What about the current kit in our meeting rooms?

MDT and Meeting rooms mostly still have a different technology which, on the surface, is not compatible with Microsoft Teams as they use what is known as “standards based” protocols, whereas Microsoft use a proprietary
protocol. This means if the organisation wants to use Microsoft Teams across their existing endpoint estate, action needs to be taken to ensure
these devices are compatible with Teams.

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So, what can we do?

There is the obvious option of replacing the kit in the room, however this is not the easiest route to take and these devices may have only just been purchased and may work extremely well in all other scenarios but just aren’t compatible with Teams. If this is the option you want to take, we can guide you through this process and design and install a solution fit for purpose. However, we think there’s a better option.

The Medio.link Teams Interoperability Licence

The medio.link Teams Interoperability licence allows you to keep the devices already in place and continue to use the kit as you always have, with the added feature of being able to dial into a scheduled Teams call with full voice,
video and content sharing capabilities. With this licence, you can turn any MDT or meeting room into a Teams compatible room.


Once you have the licence, all you need to do is schedule your meeting using Teams, and medio will allow your non-Teams device to join the Teams meeting. You can even add a join button on the device at the start of the call to further simplify the experience for users. With medio.link you will be able to communicate with whoever, wherever without ever needing to worry what platform or device that person is using.

Want to know more about the medio.link Teams interoperability licence? Watch our Teams interoperability video below or get in touch now.

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