Polycom Pano: the easiest way to share content at work

27 Apr 2018 | Guest Blog

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Almost all users in an organisation have a need to share content in a shared meeting space. Projectors, whiteboards and other methods of displaying content have been around since the beginning of time.

Content sharing today is too complex, connecting your PC, tablet, or smartphone is can prove problematic, with short cables, adapters, or downloaded apps!

Often at times, users are presented with an unfamiliar interface that are neither intuitive nor integrated into their normal business workflow. These can be unmanaged systems which are not integrated, and fail to protect critical information.

Users need to quickly connect with any device, intuitively share in a secure and consistent manner and with multiple streams. Enabling staff to easily collaborate and making the work time / meeting time more efficient for all involved.

polycom panoThe Pano is a Wireless Presentation Solution and this can be delivered in several ways:

  • Native OS (Airplay, Miracast, Chromecast)
  • Proprietary (E.G. Apple, Polycom, Barco, Mersive)

Pano™  is a great solution for any monitor and we know that touch monitors costs are dropping. So Polycom®  designed Pano™ to be future-proof and ready today BUT really light up with a touch experience.

Wired or wireless (Airplay, Miracast, Pano™  App) content sharing from personal device. Converts a monitor or touch monitor into a great collaborative solution.

Some rooms in your organisation may only need the ability to share content from users today locally. As your needs increase and you need to add video conferencing, Pano will integrate directly with any additional investments and will automatically send content into a video call with tight Pano™  and Group Series integration.

In summary, the Polycom Pano™:

  • Plugs into any non-touch display
  • Multi-party, multi-source content
  • With or w/o video codec integration
  • Delivers the highest quality 4K resolution
  • Centrally managed, cloud connected
  • Leverage touch capability when ready:
    • Control, annotate up to 4 streams
    • Endless collaboration w/ Infinite Whiteboard
    • Save your work with a touch


We grilled Neil Fluester, from Polycom, on the Pano. Watch the video below:


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