Bespoke Huddle vs. DIY Huddle

27 Apr 2017 | Huddle Spaces

Whilst meant with the best intentions, the scenario of an IT manager deciding to create a business’s own DIY huddle room is never going to end well. They may well visit the local supermarket, buy a big cheap TV, add the spare laptop from IT, an off the shelf camera, a plethora of connection cables, the need for Antivirus running on a pc in the call, or the room seeing your grandma asking if you want kippers for tea! The only plus is the cost saving, but really… is there any?

Take into account the people hours involved in attempting to have a seamless meeting. Does the IT manager have the time and skillset to train the user base to empower them? What happens when something goes wrong and the IT manager isn’t there. Do you call Tesco and say, I don’t see anyone when I make a Skype call?

In all seriousness, I have walked into some prominent businesses around the UK and seen this. Fashion houses, legal and blue chips all have these little pockets of danger.

We can do huddle for you at Involve, but it will be from a professional skilled systems integrator, that is fully supportive for all eventualities. It will offer a small natural space for your business to have increased communications, without having to jump in a car and deal with people like my mother-in-law on the roads. Huddle spaces truly are the most cost-effective ways for improved communication spaces within a company without taking over an office for a meeting.

huddle space