An Honest View on the Surface Hub 2

17 May 2018 | Interactive Technology

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 – Views on the Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Now the Surface Hub 2 has been announced by Microsoft, everyone seems to love the look of it and can’t wait for it to be released. However, I’m taking a different look at it.

I get it looks sleek and sexy (well, as sexy as a screen with a slim bezel can, and excluding the zimmer frame it’s being wheeled around on), and I know it’s early days but am I the only one without the Microsoft blinkers on, with a list of questions?

surface hub 2


Yes this has the potential (like the Hub V1) of being a real hit but, I’m not seeing anything new or different, just another me2.

What we’ve not seen is the whole AI piece, a week ago Microsoft did the whole meeting room of the future, showing how users are recognized as they walk into a room and how the system can translate, transcribe and follow up with the help of Cortana, but why didn’t we see this in the Hub 2? Is it that they didn’t want to take people’s attention away from the device? Is it the room of the future is a pipe dream? I don’t know but the system is apparently due 2019 and it seems like by the time it’s released it could be outdated. The system shows users “logging in” with a finger print reader, where’s the voice activation?

Is it just me being miserable and looking at it wrong or am I right to feel a little deflated by it? I was expecting magic and saw a touch screen with a webcam.


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