Meet the Surface Hub 2

15 May 2018 | Interactive Technology

The Surface Hub has taken the business world by storm, being one of the most talked about products of the last couple of years. Recently, it’s been a little harder than usual to get your hands on one, and now we can tell you why. Introducing The Surface Hub 2.

So, what do we know?

Firstly… it looks like it flips! (similar to the Samsung flip!). Surface Hub 2 has an ergonomic design, allowing you to easily flip the screen to fit any content in any meeting space.

Microsoft have, as expected, based the concept on ‘unlocking the power of the team’, to fit the product in with their collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams. It’s known that companies that promote working in this way are five times as likely to be high performing. One feature which seems to be a ‘biggie’ is the ability to tile the hub, to emphasise multiple people working together at once on multiple pieces of content. So we could be saying bye to the big heavy 84” Surface Hub for this considerably more dynamic tiled looking offering.









Microsoft have claimed that “Surface Hub 2 is sleeker, more agile and more affordable to fit any workspace or work style, with it’s 4K + 50.5” multi-touch display.” From the initial videos and pictures, the Hub certainly looks a more refined and attractive product, with a much smaller bezel which completely removes any bulkiness it’s predecessor may have had.

When can we get our hands on it?

The million-dollar question! The first users of the Surface Hub 2 will receive it in 2018 for testing, with it being available for purchase in 2019. As Microsoft Partners, we’ll make the Surface Hub 2, labelled ‘the future of collaboration’, available to our clients as soon as possible, so watch this space!