Telemedicine in the UK is on the rise

12 Dec 2017 | MDT, Telehealth


After many years of talk, promises and buzz words, telemedicine / telehealth is finally starting to live up to its potential.

This is in part driven by faster internet connections, the prominence of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the change towards a more mobile workforce, cloud hosted services, and most importantly the need to provide greater efficiencies and cost savings within the current NHS landscape.

Clinicians are now linking up with patients from their desktop or mobile device connecting with patients in their own home or into other places of care such as nursing and residential care homes, secure hospitals and even prisons. They’re also collaborating more with one another via video – sometimes to help make split-second decisions on heart attacks and strokes cases. Patients, meanwhile, are using their devices to relay their blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs back to their doctors to help them manage more long term, chronic conditions at home.




Here at Involve we can help to support you in achieving some of these healthcare demands that our growing population is going to require over the coming years.

With over 10 years’ experience working closely with the NHS and Private healthcare market, we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent standard of understanding, awareness and expertise in design to allow us to deliver you a successful project bespoke to your needs. Involve have developed our own highly secure Telemedicine platform with N3 connectivity which now supports over 1000 sites across the UK providing services such as:

  • MDT Rooms – providing secure video communication between clinicians, irrespective of their locations or device type
  • Prisons – connecting specialist clinicians with prison healthcare departments to provide the prisoners with access to the care they need whilst reducing the need for costly transfers out to acute hospital services.
  • Burns – providing burns patients with instant access to a burns specialist to help avoid inappropriate admissions from local hospitals to specialist burns units.
  • Stroke – allowing faster access to stroke specialists from patients’ bedsides using telemedicine technology to help share scans and deliver live video sessions, providing all important faster diagnosis.
  • Dermatology – assisting dermatology specialists to meet and diagnose patients virtually, improving efficiencies and expediting treatment
  • Virtual clinics – bringing the patient virtually into the clinicians office, using any device over the internet or 4G network.
  • Nursing and Residential care homes – via a joint venture partnership with Airedale NHS Foundation Trust we successfully deliver over 40,000 virtual calls per annum from our Nursing Hub out to more than 600 nursing and residential homes across the UK.