Thoughts on our Government Supplier Standard

20 Apr 2016 | News

Today the UK Government launches a Supplier Standard to support successful delivery of digital services and technology projects across the public sector.

The standard and it’s content should be extremely well received by Enterprise and SMB in equal measure “moving away from long-­term, large­-scale contracts towards more flexible, digital, agile and transparent interactions focused on joint delivery” surely will see significant changes in government procurement? Hopefully changes that would see an increase in Government tenders, where it is clear in the ITT what the requirement is and for government to stop expecting design and consultant as part of a bid process. Also, a decrease in bids withdrawn?

The Supplier Standard introduces 6 shared principles;

  1. User needs first
  2. Data is a public asset
  3. Services built on open standards and reusable components
  4. Simple, clear, fast transactions
  5. Ongoing engagement
  6. Transparent contracting

OK, here is my question – To what effort, including time and expense, did UK Government put into this? I do hope that these principles are as a result of many lessons learned and not an expensive consultation process?! The 6 shared principles are welcoming and easy to manage / execute. But, from a salesperson perspective, all a bit common sense and guiding principles that should be adopted by all?

Here at Involve we welcome the new Supplier Standard, will be participating in all relevant workshops and look forward to a more engaging future when working with UK Government.