Information Security Statement

15 May 2017 | News

We’re sure that most of you are aware of the cyber-attack that affected the NHS on Friday. The attack has been reported in 150 countries around the world and affected over 230,000 machines world-wide.

NHS Digital have reported that no patient data has been compromised in the attack, and Involve and our NHS partners have not been infected by the virus.

Utilising our ISO27001 accreditation, careful network design and security consultation, our secure N3 hosted collaboration service medio.link has been and continues to be fully available.

The last few days have proven that network security is vital to all businesses. Allow us to provide a full consultation to support your current and future needs to secure and make sure your network is resilient.

We’ll also be holding a Webinar in the coming days to share some of our thoughts around the latest Cyber-attack and our ideas on how to protect and keep your business up and running. Please look out for details.

Gareth Hughes

IT & Information Security