Video-based Consultations are Recommended by NHS England during COVID-19

13 Mar 2020 | Virtual Clinic

NHS England have asked hospitals to carry out more video-based consultations to help reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

COVID-19 is a new illness which affects your lungs and airways. It is thought to be spread by cough droplets, like similar viruses, so people who may have the virus are self-isolating to avoid contact with other humans.

This self-isolating has caused a huge rise in remote working, especially in China, where offices are closed to curb the spread of the virus and the only option is for people to work from home.

Daniel Zhang, Alibaba’s chief executive describes the rise in remote working due to COVID-19 as “opportunities created by the forces of change. The crisis is a very, very big challenge to the society but also… gives people a chance to try a new way of living and new way of working”.

The NHS is a perfect example of how remote working can be vital until the coronavirus pandemic is over. Reducing the number of people attending their GP Surgery or hospital whenever possible not only increases infection control, it also reduces the pressure on these services during a time when they will be strained due to patients infected with COVID-19.

Video-based consultations, or Virtual Consultation is not a new concept, however they may be seeing their biggest surge in use ever, due to the ‘opportunity created by the forces of change’, presented by COVID-19.

As initially reported by the BBC, “Hospitals are being asked to carry out more video-based consultations of patients to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. NHS England hopes the move will reduce the number of people in hospitals and lower the potential for transmission.”

How medio.link can help

medio.link provides the NHS and private healthcare market with the UK’s most secure and reliable video and audio meeting platform. We are proud that our platform has helped the NHS to achieve:

  • Over 30,000 clinical meetings via video & audio
  • Over 76,000 meeting participants using medio.link
  • 600 days, 15,000 hours and 850,000 minutes of usage across the NHS

Video-based Consultations

The medio.link meeting platform has been further developed to create Virtual Clinic, a video-based consultation platform which gives the user the same security and reliability as medio.link, with an online booking portal to allow any healthcare organisation to run their own Virtual Clinic.

Our ongoing commitment to quality of service, security and innovation continues. During these testing times, our teams are ready to share experiences, support on boarding, train users and have agile short term plans ready to support any heightened needs.

Please contact us for advice on using video-based consultations or for more information on our services.