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Are you ‘Collaboration Ready?’ We want to help…

Video Collaboration is here !

Reading Russ’ recent blog inspired us, it made me think, we know a thing or two about video collaboration, home working and how to achieve the best results when using these tools.




Like Russ, I have been with Involve only a short time. I have used remote working and video conferencing before, however I have never worked for a company that really lives and breathes it as much as Involve. With remote working, gone are days of rigid schedules where workers are fixed to a computer terminal. With technology on our side, the opportunities are endless, as the reimagined modern workplace is here. Numerous surveys have found that people would choose flexible working over a pay rise, with the rapid increase in capacity of mobile technology along with the growing prevalence of public Wi fi hotspots, taking advantage of the benefits that come with video conferencing allows you to create the anywhere office, engage with a wider audience and future proof your business.

Now, we want to share our wisdom, demonstrate the art of the possible and talk to you.  And, we have a plan, a tool-set and an awesome team who can help.

Why not drop me a line and I will book a Collaboration Readiness Report? We’ll take time to understand what you have, how you use it and the overall effectiveness: ultimately giving you a Collaboration Readiness Score.

We have done it and our score is 85%

We all need to improve, right? But, we know where our improvements need to be made. Do you?

As I said, we can help you with that.  We are running sessions in Central London (South) and Warrington (North) and we’re ever so friendly and helpful. Click here to get in touch, and harness the power of collaboration by getting your own collaboration readiness report.

What You Should Expect…

  • The Art of the Possible
  • Collaboration Readiness Assessment
  • Review Result
  • AOB


Peter Hardy
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