The easier your teams can communicate and share ideas, the more efficient your business will be. Our interactive technology makes better use of time and space thereby making collaboration more engaging and more effective, helping people work better together wherever they are.


Involve can offer a number of market-leading interactive solutions including the Microsoft Surface Hub, Cisco Spark Board, Google Jamboard and the Samsung Flip.

These solutions are more than just an interactive whiteboard, they’re a complete collaboration tool with high-quality video conferencing, wireless presenting and content sharing.

We will work with you to choose the solution which perfectly suits your needs, that will take your productivity and collaboration to a new level.

The benefits of Interactive technology:

  • Engaging training for staff based remotely
  • Better attendance at training
  • Involve subject matter experts in the training session, regardless of location
  • Improve communication and collaboration with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers
  • Connect teams, empower remote work forces and enhance communication
  • Wasted time becomes working time
  • Dead spaces become productive spaces

Jason recommends:

“Interactive technology has come of age.  We are way beyond the classroom now…

The right solution is all about use case and user experience, try our free Interactive Collaboration Assessment service, it works!

Our job is to ensure that you pick the right solution and that it gets used regularly”

“I know how an effective interactive solution can engage students of all ages.  This enables an enhanced learning experience which ultimately facilitates greater knowledge retention and recall.” – Matt Williams, Former Teacher

Working with industry leading partners, we ensure that your solution is best in class

Get in touch to see how we can help you utilise interactive technology.

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