5 ways video conferencing improves healthcare

5 Nov 2017 | Attend Anywhere, Blog, Virtual Clinic

Video conferencing within healthcare is not a new concept, but the way that video conferencing is being deployed is evolving, as platforms such as Skype for Business and Involve Cloud open up the possibilities of how healthcare teams can join video conferences, and from where.

Pulling disparate teams together from multiple locations on a variety of devices is now easier than ever, with technology such as medio.link allowing virtually any device to video conference with another.

So how is video conferencing improving healthcare?

  • Saving Money

The travel and associated costs involved in delivering healthcare are greatly reduced, especially in locations where teams and patients are dispersed throughout a large area (think Cornwall!). With video conferencing, doctors can instantly see their patients on video and share X-ray imagery, test results and suggest recovery plans, all remotely.

  • Improving Education

Using medio.link means education has no physical boundaries as content can be streamed to sites such as YouTube and Facebook, greatly increasing the potential audience attendance.

  • Improving Inter-Site Communication

With video conferencing, training new employees can be done in large groups and across multiple locations for common issues like benefits, hospital policies, or compliance. It also allows for new information to be presented to several locations in a single session.

  • Improving Quality of Care

Using medio.link as a platform to enable video of a patient to a consultant can eliminate the need for patient transfer and the upheaval and transfer of their care, improving the end-to-end experience of the patient, and enabling teams to pull remote experts to offer diagnosis.

  • Competitive Advantage

Teams sharing knowledge using video conferencing, results in faster and more informed decisions that reduce the time to market for new products and services. This can be leveraged to create more personal, one-to-one relationships between patients and staff, encouraging trust and loyalty.

Using medio.link to connect your existing smart devices (ipad/phone/laptop) into legacy video equipment enables you to quickly scale up a deployment at a fraction of the traditional cost, and offers great ROI. To learn more, or to start your free trial of medio.link, click here to get in touch with our team.