Attend Anywhere Case Study: Global Pharmaceutical Company

17 Oct 2022 | Attend Anywhere, Blog, Case Study


The Customer

A global pharmaceutical company who accelerate innovation in healthcare to improve access to and delivery of healthcare to drive better health outcomes, felt they needed an improvement on the video calling platform they were using, leading to Involve supporting them to implement the Attend Anywhere video consultation platform.


The Solution

Attend Anywhere is a unique virtual consultation platform, designed to put patient experience at the heart of the service. The platform aims to mimic how face-to-face consultations work, without extra processes or resources needed, to make video consultations painless for both service providers and patients. Attend Anywhere has been widely adopted by the NHS, private healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies to provide outpatient appointments via video.


The Result

“The implementation of Attend Anywhere by Involve was smooth and was helped by the excellent training resources provided,” says the customer. “We have been using the Attend Anywhere platform for the past 12 months and find it simple and easy to use. Our patient groups are mainly over sixty years old, so we initially had some concerns about how they would adapt to using the technology, however, most find it easy to use and some are supported by family members to join the consultation.”

“In one case, a visually impaired patient required injection training for a chronic disease. As she requested to complete the training in the comfort of her own home, we were concerned about whether Attend Anywhere would be appropriate for someone who is registered blind” continues the customer.
“However, the patient’s friend was able to join the consultation using the same invitation as the patient and support her to complete the injection training. The nurse felt this was a very positive interaction, aided by the Attend Anywhere platform, as she was able to observe the patient to administer her injection, and deem the patient confident and competent in self-administration. The patient was delighted to have been supported by the nurse whilst she was at home, which was the ideal solution.”

“We have had positive feedback from both nurses and patients who have used Attend Anywhere,” summarises the customer. “We have been able to deliver our service to more patients in a timely fashion, preventing delays in starting vital treatments for chronic diseases.”