BHSF Utilises Attend Anywhere to Conduct Remote Appointments During COVID-19

15 Dec 2020 | Blog, Case Study

BHSF are a not-for-profit health & wellbeing and occupational health provider, who have been supporting employees with their physical, mental, and financial health since 1873.

According to their research, employees take on average 8.4 sick days a year due to poor mental health, so they decided to deploy a video consultation service to allow employees the option of having video appointments with a qualified clinician anytime, anywhere.

“We began trialling a video consultation service for appointments in November 2019 and we had varying success due to the demographic of our customers” says Emma Bradley, Operations Executive at BHSF. “In March 2020, the need for the remote consultations increased dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so we decided to find a new solution as the one we were using just wasn’t working for us, leading us to Attend Anywhere, provided by Involve.”

Attend Anywhere is a unique video consultation platform, designed to put user experience at the heart of the service. The platform aims to mimic how face-to-face consultations work, without extra processes or resources needed, to make video consultations painless for both service providers and users.

“Deploying Attend Anywhere in our organisation was so easy” says Emma. “We implemented the system within two weeks of our initial demonstration. The training we received from Involve was excellent and our Account Manager was great at supporting us with any queries we had.”

By using Attend Anywhere, the Occupational Health department at BHSF have been able to use their clinicians to their full capacity during the pandemic. “We have continued to generate income through the pandemic by completing appointments using Attend Anywhere – this has allowed to us to keep offering great customer service and help the customer with their needs, whilst showing them how adaptable we are to the environment” says Emma.

“BHSF would definitely recommend Attend Anywhere to other organisations. We have found it a great system that our administrators and clinicians have adapted well to, and we have heard nothing but positive feedback from customers too.”

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