The big freeze… & how we coped!

2 Mar 2018 | Blog

All through the week Storm Emma has reared its ugly head and brought the UK the most snow we’ve seen in years. Luckily our head office in Warrington didn’t receive the brunt of the snow and managed to stay open as usual, however the Involve team span across the UK (and even to France!) and some were snowed in, but we managed to stay as productive as usual with Involve Cloud.

I see plenty of posts encouraging users to get on video. But, none about people actually using video. So this how we’ve stayed just as productive, without having to get out the scraper, and be stuck on the motorway for hours.



How we Managed with a Busy 48 Hours

For us, it all started Wednesday and we had a recruitment day, topped off with a supplier meeting. Everything went ahead as planned, no disruption and very productive too!

Thursday, was a day for management meetings and the only disruption was to bring forward the 2pm Leadership Team meeting to Midday. Another great meeting, that still went ahead with half on video and half in the room. Those on video joined the meeting using Involve Cloud, our own collaboration solution that delivers Business Quality connectivity for audio, video and web participants no matter where they are or what equipment they have.



All of this is not just possible because you own a collaboration solution, it is about ensuring that every home worker is fully capable of utilising the available tools, even when the roads and weather are fine.

We have consultancy programmes that can assist with the change to using video to collaborate, by adapting process and company culture. Just like we did 10 years ago!

It’s not quite as simple as telling people to use video when it’s tricky out there. It is about having best in class services, support and capabilities.

We can help! Get in touch.

It’s the first day of spring y’know!?