Happy Birthday Virtual Clinic

27 Mar 2019 | Blog

It’s now 1 year since we launched the Virtual Clinic service and we could not be prouder of what we have achieved in our first year. To begin with, we built a remote clinical consultation service that completely aligns with recommendations as laid out by Royal College of General Practitioners (see recommendations here).

Secondly, we are extremely proud of our reference sites, customer relationships and genuine partnerships that we have built in this short time. See below …

Nottingham University Hospitals & Macmillan

37% of appointments in the brain metastases clinic were held via Virtual Clinic

“The feedback from patients has been unanimously positive, with them citing that they found the time they saved from avoiding travelling, and the prevention of disruption as the main benefits from using the Virtual Clinic platform. 95% of patients involved in the pilot have said they would like to continue seeing their clinician via Virtual Clinic.”

Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

“We have already had 135 staff attend Virtual Clinic training sessions, and we hope 20% of patients with follow-up appointments will use the service. As the use of the service develops, we want to offer every clinician in the hospital their own Virtual Clinic, to continue improving patient care by using digital solutions. This is the start of a journey for Leeds Teaching Hospitals.”

And, our commitment to development doesn’t stop there…

New for 2019, we are launching a Virtual Waiting Room (VWR) option, available as standard, no extra cost.

Just like a real waiting room, the VWR holds patients until a specialist is ready to see them.

Keep watching this space to learn more.


By simply replacing 2 in-person consultations per day with virtual, video-based consultations from medio.link, it breaks down to the equivalent price of a high street cup of coffee per consultation.

If you would like any more information, a demonstration or even a free trial, use our contact form to register your interest and we’ll be in touch.