A Before V for a Reason – The Importance of Audio Part 3

8 Jul 2017 | Blog

The Involve AV School

Part 3 – The Huddle Space One

Welcome back to part 3 in our series of Audio Visual blogs, focusing on the importance of audio.

Time to look at audio in the huddle space. They are small areas, available for 2-6 participants. So, audio should be easy here right? Wrong!

Where we are seeing huddle spaces now the ‘norm’ and alongside this, use of UC soft clients for group communication, there has also been an increase in devices aimed at improving this experience.

So do we actually need them?

If we go back to our basic PnP (Plug & Play) audio classes, (mic, headphone or headset) we can almost use those as a base level/rule of thumb. If your huddle space is designed to be used by more than one or two people that may have UC calls (imagining these people crowded around a laptop) then it’s safe to assume there will be at least some basic additional hardware required to facilitate this.

This could be as simple as an Omni directional USB mic. Or perhaps a ceiling mounted audio system to help minimise the ‘meeting room’ feel of AV kit occupying valuable table space. But then there’s the USB camera as well, so are we now having to deal with multiple USB cables?

Perhaps an all in one soundbar + mic + camera all integrated into a single unit (stay tuned for more on these).

Right now, we all agree on and like the Revolabs solutions;

              Revolabs/Yamaha CS700                                Revolabs/Yamaha UC500



The final part of our A before V series will be on the importance of the audio Digital Signal Processor, so make sure you look out for the blog next week.

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