A Before V for a Reason – The Importance of Audio Part 4

16 Jul 2017 | Blog

The Involve AV School

Part 4 – The DSP one

The last in our series of Audio Visual blogs, focusing on the importance of audio.

After some basics on audio importance, over USB and within the Huddle Space, we’ll sum up and almost tie into, what is probably the most important piece of the AV integrators system design, the audio Digital Signal Processor, or DSP.

These devices now range from compact 1/4RU (Rack Units) devices, all the way up to, what is effectively a multi ‘RU’ server with audio cards: and obviously, the price range to match.

What will an integrator specify a DSP for?

The two key elements that a DSP introduces to an audio system is signal processing and control.

Signal processing: whether you want to believe it or not, a correctly commissioned DSP dramatically increases the effectiveness of an audio system. All those inserts do help! And not excluding AEC. A vital tool as soon as you start thinking about two-way communication between multiple ‘systems’.

Control: whether internal (e.g. matricing/presets) or allowing external (touch panel) integration. The DSP can be a hugely effective tool. Add to this, what is now almost a ‘standard option’ on all manufacturers DSP’s, the inclusion of Dante.

So at what point should you expect to see a DSP be specified?

DSP’s can be easily over-specified. Adding AEC (Automatic Echo Cancellation) can be expensive, as can Dante. Sometimes a VC endpoint can be just as effective (it’s all in there!)

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