A New Year, a New Collaboration Client

28 Dec 2017 | Blog

As a long time user (and fan) of Cisco Jabber I have been a very keen student and listener of the Jabber / Skype for Business discussions.  It kind of reminded me of the old pick your favourite music act, but the rules state only 1 …


Beatles v Stones


Cure v Smiths


Blur v Oasis



Over a sustained period of continuing and supporting the use of Jabber, it would seem the most sensible option was both, after all everybody likes The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, right?  And, as a leading provider of collaboration technology it was been the norm for us to have multiple collaboration clients on our machines.

Not any more …

I think it was when one of our global partners scheduled a last minute call and there just wasn’t time for the discussion of which client to use.  And “a Skype” call it was.  To this day, I still haven’t asked if he used Skype or Skype for Business (it doesn’t really matter) no need, because it just worked and I liked it.  So, here I am preparing for a new year and preparing for one collaboration client.

But, as a user of both platforms now how about some thoughts?!?…


Cisco Jabber Microsoft Skype for Business
The user experience feels more mature and seamless Needs a little polishing
I liked the snip & send screen function Deep Office integration can only improve and become a killer app
Buddy lists are easier to manage More buddies
I didn’t like the BETA of Spark I do like Teams


Jabber has some real strengths, but let’s face it Betamax was technically better than VHS, right?


We openly federate and I now communicate with more external users than ever

& for everything else there is Involve Cloud,  our own cloud based service. Try it!?


Here’s to a 2018 with less technical challenges than before!


Happy New Year everyone!

Jason Ward, Sales Director



PS – For the record, if my hand was forced …

  • The Beatles
  • The Cure
  • Blur