NHS Teams Cloud Video Interoperability Service is Retired

19 Oct 2022 | Blog, NHS Remote Collaboration


The Teams Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI) service will be retired on 28 October 2022 at 19:00.

What does this mean?

The NHS says: On 28 October 2022 from 19:00, video conferencing devices that utilise the Teams CVI Service will no longer be able to connect to Teams meetings. This means that users will be unable to join a meeting using the “join with a video conferencing device” details. Users will still be able to join a meeting using the “join on your computer or mobile app” details. We are not onboarding new organisations to this service. Existing organisations and users can continue to use this service until this is fully retired.

What should I do to keep my devices compatible with Teams meetings?

Speak to Involve, we’re keeping our customer’s estates connected to Teams. With our Secure, HSCN based video services we can connect your MDT or meeting room to any Teams, Webex, Medio or meeting platform of your choice whist keeping your video call traffic within the NHS network with no need to break out to the internet.


  • Medio.link: NHS based video platform to host your video call with room systems and remote users
  • Add BYOD: utilise your existing in-room equipment whilst running a Teams call from your Laptop/PC
  • Medio Teams Gateway: alternative to CVI that allows current room systems to connect natively to a Teams call, this option also enables room calendar integration that enables calls to other platforms such as Webex

The medio.link Teams Interoperability licence allows you to keep the devices already in place and continue to use the kit as you always have, with the added feature of being able to dial into a scheduled Teams call with full voice, video and content sharing capabilities. With this licence, you can turn any MDT or meeting room into a Teams compatible room.

Once you have the licence, all you need to do is schedule your meeting using Teams, and medio will allow your non-Teams device to join the Teams meeting. You can even add a join button on the device at the start of the call to further simplify the experience for users. With medio.link you will be able to communicate with whoever, wherever without ever needing to worry what platform or device that person is using.

For more information on how Involve can support you to stay connected, please click here to contact us now.


Want to know more about the medio.link Teams interoperability licence? Watch our Teams interoperability video below.