Involve is off to Houston!

16 Feb 2018 | Blog

A week since I have unpacked my suitcase from ISE in Amsterdam, it’s once again being packed, this time for somewhere just a bit further away… Houston, Texas!

This trip is for the PSNI Global Alliance, I’ll be attending the PSNI Committee meetings and Supersummit. One of the primary objectives of the PSNI Global Alliance is to provide an organized network of best-in-class integrators and services providers capable of delivering seamless technology support and cooperation across city and country borders to the benefit of the members and end-users.

To execute multi-city or multi-country deployment and service support requires deliverable guidelines and processes as well as effective communication. The goal of the deployment committee is to outline processes that minimise risk without compromising flexibility and the unique specifications of each project opportunity -ultimately providing a higher level of client satisfaction.

Following the committee meetings on Monday, the PSNI Supersummit takes place. The PSNI Supersummit, an annual event held since 2008, is for global PSNI members and partners. Through keynote speeches, educational, and breakout sessions, it allows members to network and collaborate with their PSNI peers, and to consider strategies and opportunities that will benefit our individual companies and the PSNI Global Alliance.

I’m excited for my trip to Houston and there’s a few things I’m looking forward to in particular: being a part of the committee that will discuss and agree the processes and guidelines that will facilitate the growth and success of the Global Alliance, the seminars and sessions look really interesting and thought-provoking, looking at the current and future opportunities within our industry, and talking to industry peers from other integrators around the world. It’s fascinating to hear how they have developed into unique areas and share views on how we operate and overcome the challenges that we all seem to share.

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