Why choose medio.link?

24 Apr 2018 | Blog

I’ve been talking to our team about medio.link: why it was developed, how it works and who is using it.

medio.link is a secure conference platform, built specifically for healthcare professionals. It is intended to empower NHS trusts to build digital platforms into their everyday workflow.

  • We DO NOT prescribe
  • We DO NOT diagnose
  • We DO work with trusted, market-leading partners to ensure that YOU can deliver valuable clinical services in a digital world!

medio.link is the brainchild of Michael Roach and Jason Ward, so naturally I started here and caught up with the guys;

Jason Ward, Sales and Marketing Director of Involve tells me how medio was created: “We were deep in the early development of Involve Cloud and while we knew it was pretty good stuff we were creating, it was clear already via questions about use cases that we could develop a 2nd Involve Cloud platform but with full NHS Information Governance and on the N3 network.”

Michael Roach, Director of Digital Health Alliances for Involve gives his view: “Over a number of years working with the NHS and trying to understand some of the challenges they faced when it came to either adopting, embracing or expanding their video estate, one of the main topics that reared its head again and again was interconnectivity…. Cisco, Polycom, Vidyo, S4B, Lifesize, IP, ISDN, N3, Audio, BYOD… and so on. As always in life, it’s about finding a solution to a problem. Well there was the problem and by creating medio.link, I think we have managed to find the solution.”

They both continue “with the project approved, the next consideration was ‘Is Involve Cloud too much for Health?’. We wanted to give the solution it’s own identity, so… medio.link was born. That was the start of a year-long slog to get the solution live and meet IG criteria. The service has been live for over a year now and we have a stable platform that is used daily by hundreds of healthcare professionals. And, that is something we are both very proud of.”

Features and Benefits

Krzysztof, our Managed Service Product Manager who helped develop both medio.link and Virtual Clinic, discusses the development of these platforms: “medio was designed with security and redundancy in mind. Our services are unique because they’re hosted in secure NHS datacentres and are fully resilient. The unique design of our platforms ensures that data never leaves the secure NHS network (N3 and HSCN) when all participants join a medio conference from within NHS network.

When some participants join medio from within NHS and others are on the public network, e.g. when running a virtual clinic, we ensured that NHS participants connect only to the NHS part of the service, and other participants connect only to the public side. This unique design provides high level of security and seamless end user experience.”

Virtual Clinic is powered by the technology behind medio.link, and clinicians can use the service to hold consultations with patients via video. Through some simple steps within the Virtual Clinic booking portal, the users will receive a link to a single-use, secure video meeting environment in which they can hold the appointment, using technology approved for use by the NHS and conforming to the strict information governance regulations.

Thomas Roden, our expert on medio.link, tells me about his experience in the development of Virtual Clinic. “I have family who have worked in the NHS for a long time and have also worked there myself. I have also been a very frequent patient with my history of injury and illness. I look back on my staff member and patient journey, and I can see numerous instances where a virtual clinic would have been invaluable. Having worked with the NHS through Involve through the past couple of years, I am now seeing new use cases every single week.”

We believe medio.link and Virtual Clinic are different to other digital health tools on the market. It’s been developed with the patients and doctors in mind, we’re not trying to diagnose or prescribe- we’re just empowering doctors to use technology to give the best care they can. Our team has over 10 years working with the NHS, including the development of a successful telemedicine service which manages 40,000 calls per annum from over 600 care and residential homes.

To find out more about medio.link and Virtual Clinic, please contact us to speak to one of our specialists today.