Why training is an important part of your install

12 May 2023 | Blog

The implementation of a successful training programme is one of the most critical components following your AV installation for several reasons:

Optimal performance: AV systems can be complex and require specialised knowledge to properly configure and operate. By providing training, users can learn how to properly use the system and adjust settings to ensure optimal performance.

Customisation: Each AV system is unique and requires customisation to meet the specific needs of the environment and users. Training allows users to learn how to configure the system to meet their needs, ensuring that the system is fully optimised for their specific use case.

Troubleshooting: Even with proper installation and configuration, issues can arise with AV systems. Training can provide users with the knowledge and skills needed to troubleshoot and resolve issues, reducing downtime and minimising disruptions to the user experience.

User adoption: Users are more likely to adopt and use an AV system if they are comfortable with it. By providing training, users can become familiar with the system and its features, making them more likely to use it and benefit from its capabilities.

As professional integrators, Involve’s Lead Engineers provide qualified handover training as part of the project close out. Our Engineering Manager, Marcus Humphrey said: “The importance of receiving Academy training on the newly installed Tech demonstrating and showing its capabilities is invaluable. With a full understanding of the system and its limitations ensures the best user experience possible.”

Last month Marcus delivered an Involve Academy training session at Great Ormond Street Hospital, in a meeting space installed by Involve. He said: “With Great Ormond Street Hospital, the staff showed a great attitude and approach to training that made the delivery fun and enjoyable. Never being shy to ‘get hands on’ with the equipment is a huge part of the learning curve. It’s always a pleasure to deliver Training to GOSH.”