Banking in the UK from a technology point of view

10 Jul 2016 | Audio Visual Collaboration, Interactive Technology

So in the past we had literally a bank in every town and village in the UK which was great from the customers’ point of view, you felt valued and assured that “everything is OK” and your money was in a safe place, brand loyalty was high.

However nowadays people lead busier lives and getting the time to go to your local bank just isn’t possible due to location or time constraints. Banks have always looked at technology to overcome problems, help them keep one step in front of their competition and ultimately save money and increase profit.

The problem is most of us nowadays never see the inside of a bank or see any staff, everything is done online or over the phone, and so as the song goes “you’ve lost that lovin feelin”, the bank has become faceless and untrustworthy, it needs to get its friendly face back.

But how? We’ve already seen that having a branch in every town doesn’t work, so what we need is a branch in everyone’s pocket, in countries like India and Australia they have embraced video as a way to bring the bank to you. What’s more is that by using video the correct advisor is available all the time whatever your problem or need, and ultimately the bank has its face back.

But isn’t video expensive to set up and run and isn’t call quality unreliable? In the past the answer would be yes, however companies like Vidyo have brought cost effective reliable platforms that can link just about all technologies together giving the users secure connections that are high quality and reliable and available 24/7.

Involve have over 20 years of experience with Video Conferencing solutions and as a Vidyo Gold Partner you can be assured that whatever your video conferencing needs are, we can make them reality, so contact us for more information or to discuss your individual requirements.