Kev Talbot Chosen as one of The Nine: The Future of AV

24 Apr 2019 | Audio Visual Collaboration, Blog

Huge congratulations are in order for our very own Kev Talbot, who has been chosen as one of The Nine: The Future of AV. Kev has made a name for himself with his growing social media presence, being 1/3 of AV JAM and his infamous Microsoft article, and it’s great he’s being recognised for his hard work. Kev has been profiled on AVNetwork by Megan A. Dutta, see the interview below:

Kevin Talbot


Name: Kev Talbot

Title: Head of Technical Sales

Company: Involve Visual Collaboration

Twitter: @KevTalbot

Location: Warrington, UK


Overtime: Talbot spends his free time with his wife Kerry, his children, and his dog Molly. He enjoys pointing out AV systems in public, and for that, his kids tell him to “get a life.”

Why You Need To Know Him: As an industry, we spend a lot of time talking AV and IT. Kev Talbot, age 34, lived it. “I’d always wanted to work in IT, but after three years of desktop and network support, I hated it and needed to change—so when AV came about, I jumped in,” Talbot recalled. “I love how different everything can be. The kit can get a bit samey, but delivering on someone else’s vision and seeing that end product just makes you smile.”

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: Talbot was looking to get out of the IT world when his colleague and now-mentor Jason Ward took him for lunch at KFC and offered him a job as an AV installation engineer.

The rest, as they say, is history.


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