How to Successfully Collaborate with Video Conferencing

28 Jul 2017 | Audio Visual Collaboration, Cloud Services, Interactive Technology

Any regular video users already acknowledge that video conferencing has been one of the most important technological advances for businesses in the 21st century. Collaboration couldn’t be easier, aided by a plethora of video conferencing solutions for companies of any size, so it astounds me how some businesses are still hesitant to adopt video conferencing.

Why may Businesses be Hesitant?

Possibly due to long-standing myths about video conferencing; some people still believe that the install and upkeep of the hardware is going to be expensive, and the technology may be unreliable at times. However, this is of course untrue – when your collaboration solution suits your company and is installed by experts.

Video conferencing needn’t be expensive. There are a range of solutions for every company size and budget. For example, a huddle space can be implemented into any space, as the plug-in-and-go technology can be used instantly without any structural work being needed. Alternatively, a huddle room is more suitable if a larger, more defined space is required. When contemplating adopting video conferencing, consider how it will be used most effectively, as an effective collaboration solution will deliver short and long-term savings.

How can Video Conferencing Save you Money?

Firstly, the obvious point of less travel and its associated costs, but even more importantly, video conferencing saves the headache and time involved in setting a face to face meeting up: the syncing of everyone’s diary, the possibility of short notice cancellation and the room availability.

Collaboration stemming from a successful video conferencing installation increases ideas and helps create a positive workplace culture. Colleagues who can collaborate easily are more creative, motivated and empowered to embrace and deliver opportunities. The potential increase in revenue outweighs any initial start-up costs.

How Reliable is Video Conferencing?

If an IT manager tries to create a DIY video conferencing solution using an off the shelf TV from the local supermarket, a cheap camera and limited spare time to install and maintain the technology, of course it may be unreliable.

When the installation of video conferencing is left to the experts, it will be much more reliable which delivers peace of mind. Successful collaboration is easy, when it is done right. Involve have a dedicated UK based technical help desk and nationwide network of qualified engineers who are here to support you along the way.

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