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Why choose medio.link?

I’ve been talking to our team about medio.link: why it was developed, how it works and who is using it. medio.link is a secure conference platform, built specifically for healthcare professionals. It is intended to empower NHS trusts to build digital platforms into their everyday workflow. We DO NOT prescribe We DO NOT diagnose We […]

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A look back on Enterprise Connect

  We’ve now returned from Enterprise Connect in Orlando and settled back into the day to day. The question is, did we achieve what we wanted from the trip?? Overall the trip exceeded our expectations. The Expo Hall was larger than our previous visit and there...

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Involve are off to Enterprise Connect!

Involve are off on our travels again! This time we are off to Orlando to attend Enterprise Connect, one of the leading Enterprise communications and collaboration shows in the industry. The event provides an immersion in technology and business issues, with a great...

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The big freeze… & how we coped!

All through the week Storm Emma has reared its ugly head and brought the UK the most snow we’ve seen in years. Luckily our head office in Warrington didn’t receive the brunt of the snow and managed to stay open as usual, however the Involve team span across the UK...

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A Modern-Day Technophobe’s Trip to ISE 2018

Confession; I work for an AV company and I’ve just called myself a technophobe. Is that OK? Now I’m not calling myself a real technophobe, a real technophobe is my Nanna getting her first mobile phone and sending texts.with.full.stops.instead.of.spaces because she...

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Involve is off to Houston!

A week since I have unpacked my suitcase from ISE in Amsterdam, it’s once again being packed, this time for somewhere just a bit further away… Houston, Texas! This trip is for the PSNI Global Alliance, I’ll be attending the PSNI Committee meetings and Supersummit. One...

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Our ISE Favourites, Ones to Watch and Superstars

This year's ISE was a good as ever, over 20 of the Involve team attended from Sunday to Friday to ensure we covered all bases! We’ve compiled our list of our favourite products, a product that's 'one to watch' and our ISE superstars.   Murray Ryan, Solutions...

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